Saint Mary's Elementary

*** Student Drop Off, Pick up Routines and School Visitors Protocols ***

As you know, parents have always been a welcomed and valued partner in the Saint Mary’s community.  Please know we still value these partnerships, but due to COVID-19 and the NS Public Health Guidance for Schools, we have to make changes to our daily routines to ensure that all students, staff, and family member stay safe and healthy as we adjust access to the physical building and school grounds. Nova Scotia’s Back to School Plan requires that “Schools will limit outside visitors, including parents/guardians.

Drop Offs and Pickups will be done outside, and people will not be allowed to congregate in groups outside the school.”  Before School (every day). Parents will use the self-assessment daily with their children before sending them to school. Arrival. Students are not to be on the school grounds before 8:45 am.  Parents are not allowed on school grounds to drop off their child. Please be mindful of the pylons and gate. Supervision begins at 8:45. Each classroom teacher will be on duty in their classrooms each day as there is no outside play prior to school starting each day. Children will enter the building between 8:45 and 8:55 through their designated doors and go directly to their classroom like last year’s “rainy day” procedures.

Grade Primary/1 and Grade 1/2 will enter through their individual classroom doors.

Grade 3/4 and 5 will enter through the doors near the playground equipment.

Grade 4 will enter through blue side door.

Grade 6 through their outside door in the parking lot but access it through the gated grassy area by the basketball nets/cemetary.

Specialists/admin will greet the upper grade students at their designated doors and will distribute hand sanitizer before students proceed to class. Students in grades 4 to 6 are required to put on their masks before entering the building and are expected to practice social distancing. All P–12 students and staff will be required to clean their hands when they enter the school, before eating and after eating, and regularly throughout the day.

Dismissal: Students will be dismissed through their entry door at the end of the day in small groups. Parents are not allowed on the school grounds during dismissal time.  Please discuss with your child were you will meet him/her. Please adhere to the No Parking/Stopping Zones on Morris Street and in our school driveway.

Visitors: Visits to the school by parents and guardians are limited to emergencies or extreme circumstances only. Parents/guardians will be considered essential visitors if they are providing a service or support that is not, or cannot be, provided by school staff, and if it is determined that the interaction cannot be achieved using virtual, telephone or other means. Parents/guardians that are deemed “essential visitors” will need to have a prescheduled appointment to access the school or be invited into the school by the principal or designate and appropriate COVID-19 protocols will be observed. We are required to keep a list of all essential visitors that entered the facility with confirmation that they have been screened. If for example you need to drop something off for your child, you will have to ring the buzzer, remain outside, and leave it on the table provided by the main door.  Please make sure that any drop off is labelled with your child’s name. Parents are asked not to enter the school property.  So, please stop at the gate by the front door and the pylons by the parking lot/playground during drop-off and pick-up times. Visiting your child outside at recess and lunch time will not be permitted each day. If you wish to speak to a staff member, please phone the main office at 421-6751 or email them.  Staff emails are listed in our Staff Directory at .  Face masks are required for all students from grades 4 to 6.  We appreciate in advance your support in ensuring school safety.

Thank you,

Ms. Wehbe