Saint Mary's Elementary

*** NEW SCHOOL ENTRANCES *** Please see attachment, Page 11 Map

School Arrival Information:  Students are to arrive on school grounds no earlier than 8:45 am, as there is no staff supervision prior to that time. Your child will be brought to and enter the school through their assigned classroom door. Once your child has entered the building, please allow space for other families to do the same, especially the families of our younger students.

Our entrance doors will remain open every day from 8:45 AM until 8:55 AM and students will be greeted by a staff member. If the doors are closed, students are to enter the building from the front entrance located by Morris St as they will be marked as late for the day by the front office before proceeding to their classrooms.


School Dismissal Information:  Dismissal is at 3:00 pm. All students will be dismissed through the same door that they entered. Please be at your child’s door to pick them up promptly at 3:00 pm as there is no staff supervision after that time, being mindful of leaving the appropriate amount of space for others around you. Students in P-3 will be dismissed to a parent/guardian before their teacher allows them to leave.  Students in 4-6 will be dismissed on their own. If you plan to meet your child before they have permission to leave the school grounds, please ensure they know where to best wait for you.

Once you pick up your child, please make your way to the edge of the paved playground area until all students have been dismissed and teachers have returned into the building. After that time, please feel free to use the playground area. This will ensure that our dismissal happens safely and efficiently.