Saint Mary's Elementary

School Supplies

As we are unsure as to what September will look like, we want our families to be prepared for both learning environments: at home and in our school building. We realize that the March announcement of closing schools, left many families unprepared to learn from home.  Therefore, we are proposing that each student have two sets of supplies: one for home and one for school to minimize the transfer of materials back and forth from home to school.

The at-home school supply list will include items that many of our students already have: scissors, pencil sharpeners, rulers, pencils, and a pencil case.  These do not need to be repurchased every year.  The older students (grade 3-6) may want to purchase markers and/or coloured pencils, and the younger ones, crayons.

For the other supplies, the school will provide. These consumable supplies for students, will include scribblers, folders, duo-tangs, glue sticks, pencils, and erasers that will be given to them to use at school when they arrive back in our building. 

In August, supply lists will be posted on our school website and an email will be sent as well.