Saint Mary's Elementary

Violin program is offered to students entering grade 4 this fall. If you are interested, please follow the link:

Halifax Regional Arts                                                                                                                                          

Halifax Schools Music Centre 6364 North St Halifax, NS B3L 1A2    

902 421-6700 or  902 717 4664   

You are invited to join the largest public school string program in Eastern Canada!   Why Take Strings?   It’s fun…It’s beautiful…It’s good for your brain…It’s good for your future!   Learning to play a string instrument can result in great benefits to any child's development. The benefits go far beyond the obvious musical achievement of being able to perform on that instrument, and tend to include increased self-confidence and an increase in the child's problem solving abilities, organizational skills and ability to work with others.   Here is some important information about our string program:   Classes At the elementary level, classes are usually held in the child's own school or in a neighboring school, usually within walking distance.   Practicing Practicing on a regular basis at home is essential, and is important.  It is far better to practice for 1015 minutes four times a week than to practice for an hour once a week.    Attendance  Regular attendance at lessons is a necessary part of learning any instrument.  It is also very important that the child does not forget to bring the instrument to class.    Instruments   HRA has a supply of used violins and cellos at the Oxford Music Centre. Music stores like Long & McQuade also carry a large supply of string instruments to rent or buy. 

To access the Oxford Music Centre, enter through the Community Entrance off of Willow St. Office hours will be published in September.  
Though the temptation will be great, for safety reasons, please do not allow your child to take the instrument out of the case before their first lesson.    Please follow the link below to register your child.